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Invincible Issue 3

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Cover scan uploaded on Aug 23, 2007 by WallCrawler


Submitted by: WallCrawler on Mar 28, 2009

At Reginald Vel Johnson High School, the principal holds an assembly to explain a situation involving three missing students and what the faculty is doing to address the issue. Afterward, Mark and Eve discuss it on the way to lunch. Mark mentions that "it couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of guys" inferring that the three missing students weren't the nicest of people. Eve, mentioning that Todd seemed nice, reveals that she's dating Rex Splode when Mark comments that Todd would probably be nice to Eve due to her being extremely attractive. During lunch, they discuss that there have been two bombings in less that three weeks. Eve asks whether Invincible will join her at her teammates "secret lair" but Mark says he has work. As they part, Mark runs into William who infers that Mark and Eve are going out and Mark denies it.

Later, at Burger Mart, under great duress about french fries and the customers that await them, Mark walks out on his job, commenting almost immediately that his dad's going to kill him. That night, while doing the dishes together, Mark's dad suggests that, with his super-heroing, perhaps Mark has "more important things to do than flip burgers," to whit, he retorts "I think I could manage that."

Mark's father then joins him on a patrol and they end up at a hotdog stand when Omni-man is called in for duty through his beeper. He returns and instant later and asks for Mark's help. They come upon the scene of a battle between fighter jets and spaceships of some sort, with a stream of alien beings emerging from some sort of portal. As they fight this menace, it becomes aparent that the invaders are aging at an accelerated rate. Omni-man purports that they are extra-dimensional and that time works differently where they come from. He becomes rather enraged, picks up a tank and throws it back at the portal yelling "Get off my planet!" Mark tries to calm him down as the invaders start to leave. On their way home Omni-man notices something at the Lakeside Mall and takes off, Invincible trying to keep up as best he can. As Mark arrives upon the scene, he sees Omni-man holding another teenager with a mechanical bomb torso. Omni-man then throws the boy through the hole he made in the roof before the boy explodes. Mark recognizes him as one of the missing students from his school. Just then, a portal opens behind Omni-man and one of the invaders from earlier grabs him, pulling him back through just before it closes.

Mark returns home late for dinner, informing his mom of Omni-man's abduction, prompting her to say "Well, that's more pork chops for us."