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Invincible Issue 4

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Robot examines one of the androids the Mauler Twins were creating as Invincible enters the Teen Team's "secret lair" looking for Eve. She and Rex are on a mission, so he discusses the "human bomb" incidents with Robot and how they are connected to the missing students at the school Mark and Eve attend. Eve and Rex Splode return from their mission and Mark informs her of the connection. Robot advises them all to go home and get some sleep, and to keep their eyes open at school the next day. Mark's mom is still awake when he returns, and they discuss her worries about Mark's father.

The next day at school Mark and Eve discuss the issue more over lunch, and later, meeting back up in Mr. Hiles' class end up being called out by the teacher for disrupting the class, being called "lovebirds". Afterward, Eve receives a call from Robot while he's in the midst of a battle along-side Rex and Kate. He says he's been cross-referencing evidence from the bombings and background checks on school employees, and that the research implicates Mr. Hiles himself.

They suit up and fly to Mr. Hiles' house, who greets them at the door calling them by their civilian names. He clues them into his scheme and the reasons behind them, as he reveals the fourth victim of the crime, Derek, the boy who was asked to stay after class in the first issue. Finally, Mr. Hiles reveals that he, too, is a human bomb. Here, we tie into the opening scene of issue #1, with Invincible flying the human bomb, Mr. Hiles, into the arctic and throwing him just before he explodes. Invincible returns to the Hines residence where the authorities are wheeling Derek out on a gurney. Eve says Robot is going to do a sweep of the house for any volatile items and that Invincible can just go home.

Just after Mark returns home, so too does Omni-man. His tattered costume and long beard indicating a rather long ordeal. Mark's mom asks about their days. After Mark gives a recounting of Mr. Hiles' plot, his father tells them of his eight-month enslavement at the hands of the dimensional intruders and how he led a revolt against them. The rebels then found a way to send him back to our dimension.