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Invincible Issue 5

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Cover scan uploaded on Aug 23, 2007 by WallCrawler


Submitted by: WallCrawler on Mar 29, 2009

The phone rings as Mark is doing homework. His father, Omni-man, is on the other end and informs him of "a major baddie" arriving in the solar system and as he's on a mission with the Guardians of the Globe, asks Invincible to take care of it. In costume, Mark takes a deep breath and exits Earth atmosphere for the first time. Within a minute or so, he's hit from behind by a humanoid alien being with a single big eye. They tussle and during the fight the alien communicates by thought, seemingly gauging Invincible's abilities and mentioning how he's not a "suitable replacement for this world's champion". The assailant knocks Mark back into Earth's atmosphere, where he takes another series of gasps of air, commenting that he "needed that".

Mark returns to space and this time knocks the alien into the moon. The strange notions the alien is talking about finally take their toll and Mark gets him to explain the attack. We learn he is a "champion evaluation officer"  from the "Coalition of Planets" who goes from planet to planet evaluating the abilities of champion selected to guard each one. In the midst of their discussion it is made evident that the alien has the wrong planet - that he's supposed to be at Urath, a member of the CoP. As the alien realizes he's wasted 15 years on the wrong planet and that the Urathians are probably not too pleased and that he has an evaluation in 20 years, he decides to leave. Before he does, we learn his name is Allen and Invincible reciprocates the cordialities before marvelling at the fact that he's staring at Earth from the moon.

Back home, both Mark and his dad end up on time for dinner for a change. Mark informs his father of the misunderstanding with Allen and how he won't be back. Mark's dad seems surprised and impressed, saying he wished Mark had been around the first time he fought Allen. Mark decides to retire to his room, tired from the days' activities. Once he scrapes his plate and takes his leave, Debbie, Mark's mom, derides her husband for not using his brains as much as his brawn, like their son, to whit he replies "beginner's luck."

As Mark returns to his room, ready for bed, he realizes, with a sigh, that he still has homework.