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Invincible Issue 2

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Cover scan uploaded on Aug 23, 2007 by WallCrawler


Submitted by: WallCrawler on Mar 28, 2009

"We think you're old enough for me to tell you where I really come from."

Mark gets a lesson on his father's origins. The planet Viltrum, where he was born, was a 'perfect global society' free of illness, crime, war... a veritable utopia. The government decided to find other civilizations less developed than themselves and help them acheive the same. They formed expeditions to other planets that were at a certain stage of development, set the planets up with 'Global Defense Systems' to protect them from spaceborne menaces, and send a team of scientists down to the surface where they would remain to monitor and facilitate their progress.

This 'World Betterment Committee' became the most popular profession on planet Viltrum, and Mark's father signed on when he came of-age. On his journey to Earth with his expedition, he grew fond of the planet and its denizens through studying long-range sensor data and decided to remain behind when Earth was deemed to primitive for betterment. He became a champion of the people, protecting them from all manner of danger, meeting Mark's mother within a year of his arrival. He reveals to a young Mark that he will inherit the powers that all Viltrumites have: 'Super-strength, super-speed, flight... the whole bit.'

Cutting to modern-day, Mark, laying awake in bed, decides to take a night-time flight. Coming upon a blue-skinned man carrying a crate of video games systems, he attempts to stop him (in his pajama pants). He's joined by four other costumed heroes who, not knowing which party is responsible for the theft, are taken by surprise when the blue-skinned assailant grabs their flying vehicle, forcing them to fall to the ground. As he bears down on the new heroes, Mark quickly dispatches the villain with a single punch to the jaw. They introduce themselves as Robot, Atom Eve, Rex Splode and Dupli-Kate. He and Atom Eve seemingly recognize each other.

The next day, it turns out Mark and Eve have been in biology together all school year. They change into their costumes in the garbage bin corral behind the school and Eve brings Invincible to her teammate's hideout. Robot has been monitoring the previous night's assailant, Mauler, after wiping his memory, and the three of them leave to intercept him as he returns to his hideout. There, another blue-skinned crook asks where Mauler has been, saying they need the processors from those video game systems to power their robots. Our heroes burst upon the scene and take the criminals out in due course.

Meanwhile, at the 'Twin Pines Mall', a young disoriented man wakes up on a bench, discovers his torso has been replaced with some sort of mechanical device with a countdown readout in the middle (which happens to have but one second remaining). Outside the mall, a rather large explosion is seen.